商务部:一季度全国网上零售额3.3万亿元 同比增长12.4%

Ministry of Commerce: National online retail sales of 3.3 trillion yuan increased 12.4% year-on-year in the first quarter

Breakings ·  Apr 19 14:47
The head of the e-commerce department of the Ministry of Commerce explained that in the first quarter, the national online retail sales volume was 3.3 trillion yuan, an increase of 12.4% over the previous year. Service consumption continues to lead growth. The Ministry of Commerce is focusing on monitoring the 28.5% increase in online service consumption, with online travel and online catering increasing by 95% and 27.8% respectively; digital consumption has become a new growth point, and the Ministry of Commerce has organized various regions to implement digital consumption promotion actions. Smart wearable devices and electronic audiovisual products have increased by 30.9% and 23.4% respectively; seasonal consumption hotspots have emerged, and “enjoy spring flowers and spring vegetables” has become a new trend.

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