小米汽车:SU7 智驾中低阶方案“采用三方竞标”方式纯属谣言

Xiaomi Auto: The SU7 smart driving medium and low level plan “uses three-party bidding” method is pure rumor

Breakings ·  Apr 18 22:39
The “fixed link” of Xiaomi Auto continues today to answer questions from netizens on a daily basis. This question mainly focuses on everyday use of cars, and also denies some rumors. Recently, there was an online rumor that Xiaomi's low-end smart driving plan will use a tripartite bidding method. Xiaomi Auto said, “This is a complete rumor.” Xiaomi Smart Driving has two sets of solutions, including Xiaomi Pilot Pro and Xiaomi Pilot Max, and both have the same technology, and are all based on smart driving technology developed by Xiaomi itself, all of which support the experience of leading intelligent assisted driving functions. “We are in awe and believe that it is far-reaching. We have insisted on a fully self-developed plan since the beginning of the project, and we also ask that everyone not spread false statements.”

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