Behind the ideal refutation of the rumor “the latest progress in going overseas”: Overseas markets insist on self-management and plan to deliver L9 to the Middle East market in the fourth quarter

Breakings ·  Apr 17 15:08
Recently, there are rumors that Ideal Auto has signed a contract with an Uzbek dealer. In response to this, the Ministry of Legal Affairs of Ideal Auto said that recently, graphics such as “the latest progress of Ideal Auto going overseas” and “the signing of a contract with Uzbekistan” are all false rumors. Although management has refuted the above news, it is a fact that its products are sold in parallel exports to the Middle East, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc., and that Ideal Auto has launched an “overseas” plan. The reporter learned that in July 2023, hundreds of Ideal Auto models were exported in parallel to Central Asia and the Middle East. (Every Internet)

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