Honda's first American-made electric vehicle and fuel vehicle shared assembly line

Breakings ·  Apr 13 06:56
Honda plans to start producing the first batch of all-electric vehicles manufactured in the US at a plant in Ohio next year. The production line will also produce traditional fuel vehicles. The Japanese carmaker said on Friday that while producing one or more gasoline models, it will also produce unnamed medium and large electric vehicles, which represents an effort to improve efficiency and meet market demand. Among US car buyers, the growth in the penetration rate of electric vehicles has slowed, forcing some car manufacturers to cut production and delay the launch of new electric vehicle models. Bob Nelson, executive vice president of Honda America, said that shared production lines did not represent a change in plans, but would enable the company to respond to changes in consumer preferences. “We can adjust production according to the short-term needs of the market. But our increase in electric vehicle production is still the same as we have always planned.”

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