市场监管总局:保持对医疗美容广告违法行为高压严打态势 严格规范医疗美容广告发布行为

General Administration of Market Regulation: Maintain a high-pressure crackdown on illegal acts of medical and aesthetic advertising and strictly regulate the publication of medical and aesthetic advertisements

Breakings ·  Apr 9 16:06

According to the General Administration of Market Regulation, special advertising supervision activities in the field of people's livelihood will be organized and carried out nationwide from April to November 2024. The special action maintains a high-pressure crackdown on illegal acts of medical and aesthetic advertising, strictly regulates the publication of medical and aesthetic advertisements, and strictly cracks down on illegal acts such as posting medical and aesthetic advertisements without advertising censorship, as well as creating facial anxiety and exaggerating medical and aesthetic benefits. Seriously investigate and punish the act of posting illegal medical and beauty advertisements on platforms, live broadcast rooms, and beauty anchors and experts in live streaming marketing. Strictly investigate and punish advertisements for “magic medicine” and “magic medicine”, severely punish disguised advertisements for medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and health food in forms such as health science popularization, etc., and strictly crack down on illegal acts such as impersonating experts or famous doctors in advertisements to carry out publicity or posting related advertisements without review. Investigate and punish false and illegal advertisements for myopia prevention and control products in accordance with the law, continue to rectify advertisements that confuse true and false myopia, and mislead consumers using expressions such as “rehabilitation,” “recovery,” “reduction in degree,” “myopia cure,” “myopia buster,” and “degree repair.” Strictly dispose of false and illegal advertisements such as falsifying statistical data or scientific experimental data promoting the effects of myopia prevention and control.

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