李嘉诚旗下长实七八折卖房 平均66人抢1套房

Li Ka-shing's Changshi property sells 7.20% off, and an average of 66 people grab 1 apartment

Breakings ·  Apr 8 11:02

On the morning of April 6, the “Blue Coast (South Shore of Hong Kong Island)” project developed by Changshi Group in collaboration with MTR Group opened and sold 422 suites for the first time. Tens of thousands of buyers crowded the opening site in Hung Hom, and the queue stretched for hundreds of meters. According to data from Hong Kong Central Plains Real Estate, as of the opening of April 6, the Blue Coast project had subscribed for a total of 28,000 groups in 8 days, oversubscribing 65 times, making it the current “winner” of new listings in Hong Kong this year, with an average of 66 people grabbing 1 apartment. As of 10:00 p.m. on the opening day, all 422 apartments in the project had been sold. At a cost of about HK$28,000 per square foot, Changshi Group launched Blue Coast at an average price of HK$21,900 per square foot, which is equivalent to selling a house at 7.20% off. The 422 residential units supplied this time include two- and three-bedroom units. The discounted price is HK$18,998 to HK$27,257. The average price per square foot is HK$2,955, with a total value of over HK$7.5 billion, with an average total price of about HK$17.77 million (approximately RMB 1,642). Guo Ziwei, chief manager of Changshi Group's sales department, said that Blue Coast will actively consider adding units to the market, but unit sales prices may increase significantly, with some units increasing by about 10%. According to Yang Guiling, assistant general manager of the sales department of Changshi Group, before Blue Coast opened, there was a lively scene in the model room, and the proportion of mainland visitors looking at the house rose from 20% to 25% before to more than 30%.

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