供给宽松局面改善 生猪价格企稳反弹

The easing supply situation improved, and pig prices rebounded steadily

Breakings ·  Apr 6 10:19
Although pig prices have fallen in recent months, the decline was small. In March, as the supply situation improved further and market sentiment improved, pig prices began to rebound steadily. “Pig prices were better than expected after the Spring Festival. Improved supply easing was the main reason prices stopped falling and stabilized.” Zhu Zengyong, chief analyst for monitoring and early warning of the entire pork industry chain at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, told reporters. Zhu Zengyong predicts that pig prices will continue to improve in the second quarter of this year and enter a seasonal upward channel in the second half of this year. Currently, farmers' market sentiment is getting stronger and they are more motivated to fill in the column, and the supply of commercial pigs is still quite abundant in the later stages. Since the fundamentals of supply and demand in the market have not been reversed, pig prices generally rose seasonally in the second half of the year, but judging from current conditions, it is unlikely that there will be a sharp rise.

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