Pudong Venture Capital's Early Hard Technology Fund completed the first round of signing

Breakings ·  Apr 3 23:43
Recently, Shanghai International Group, in which Pudong Venture Capital participated, founded the first phase of the venture capital partnership (limited partnership) (“Early Hard Technology Fund”) to officially complete the first round of signing. This is another important step for Pudong Venture Capital's Pudong Technology Investment Angel Mother Fund to focus on innovative sources and develop and cultivate new types of productivity. The early hard technology fund investment cooperation agreement was signed in Pudong in January of this year. It is the first city-linked direct investment fund within the Shanghai state-owned assets system that focuses on “investing early in small investment technology”. The target size of the fund is 1 billion yuan, and the initial scale is about 200 million yuan. It is based on forward-looking and disruptive key core technology fields in the three leading industries of integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence. (Published in Pudong)

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