Xi Jinping spoke on the phone with US President Joe Biden

Breakings ·  Apr 2 23:38

Tonight, President Xi Jinping was invited to speak on the phone with US President Joe Biden. Xi Jinping pointed out that this year's Sino-US relations should adhere to several major principles. The first is to value peace, stick to the bottom line of no conflict and no confrontation, and continuously raise positive expectations for Sino-US relations. Second, put stability first, do not stir things, do not cross borders, and maintain the overall stability of Sino-US relations. The third is to use faith as the foundation, fulfill each promise with action, and turn the “San Francisco Vision” into a “reality.” The two sides should strengthen dialogue through mutual respect, manage differences with a cautious attitude, promote cooperation in a spirit of mutual benefit, and strengthen international coordination through responsible responsibility. (CCTV News)

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