New-power car companies had poor overall sales in February, leading the way in question and ideal cars

Breakings ·  Mar 2 17:03
On March 1, new car companies announced their February deliveries one after another. Among them, Qunjie, which won the January sales championship, continued to maintain the lead, with monthly deliveries exceeding 21,000 vehicles; the ideal car that had just delivered impressive financial reports also reached 20,000 units in February, but there was a big drop compared to last year's maximum monthly delivery volume of 50,000 vehicles. Other newcomer car companies such as NIO, Nana, and Xiaopeng delivered no more than 10,000 vehicles in February. Looking at the entire industry, the NEV market was relatively sluggish in February, and traditional giants such as BYD and Geely all showed a clear month-on-month decline in NEV sales. The Passenger Transport Federation previously predicted that in February, domestic retail sales of passenger cars in the narrow sense of the word were about 1.15 million units, down 43.5% from the previous month, showing a regular seasonal trend; domestic retail sales of new energy vehicles are expected to be 380,000 units, down 43% from the previous month, and the penetration rate is about 33%. The market penetration rate is significantly lower than at the end of last year. (One fortune)

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