网传小米汽车21.9万起售 小米王化发文辟谣

Internet reports that Xiaomi cars will start selling at 219,000 Xiaomi Wang Hua issued an article to refute the rumor

Breakings ·  Mar 1 11:32
Wang Hua, general manager of the public relations department of the Xiaomi Group, posted a post on Weibo to refute rumors about the configuration and price of Xiaomi cars on the Internet. Wang Hua said, “A picture circulating in the community, with the configuration and price, looks quite deceptive. The cost of this kind of fraud is extremely low, just a screenshot of the table... Fortunately, when I saw that many people said it was fake, everyone can still tell the truth from the fake.” According to online tables, the basic price of a Xiaomi car is 219,000 yuan.

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