Chinese brands account for nearly 80% of Russia's total smartphone imports

Breakings ·  Feb 22 02:30
Russian media reported on the 20th that the survey showed that the share of Chinese brands in smartphones imported from Russia last year increased to nearly 80%. On the same day, Russia's “Report” quoted data from industry analysts as reporting that in 2023, the total number of smartphones imported from Russia increased 13% year on year, reaching about 29.5 million units. Among them, Chinese brands accounted for 79%, an increase of 4% over 2022, and a 29% increase over 2021. The survey also showed that the most imported smartphone brand in Russia is Xiaomi, with about 9.1 million units, with a share of about 30%. Tecno and Infinix, a subsidiary of the Chinese brand Communication, shipped 4.5 million units and 3 million units to Russia, respectively, and are the second and fourth largest foreign smartphone brands imported by Russia. (Xinhua)

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