Four departments including the Central Internet Information Office: Supporting the strengthening, improvement and expansion of the digital economy

Breakings ·  Feb 21 20:02
Four departments including the Central Internet Information Office issued “Key Work Points to Improve National Digital Literacy and Skills in 2024". The “Key Work Points” deployed 17 key tasks in 6 areas. The first is to cultivate high-level complex digital talents, including comprehensively improving the digital literacy and skills of teachers and students, improving the digital ability of leading cadres and civil servants to perform their duties digitally, cultivating high-level digital craftsmen, cultivating rural digital talents, and expanding the digital talent pool in the industry. The second is to accelerate the bridging of the digital divide, including building a digital barrier-free environment and providing inclusive public services. The third is to support the strengthening, improvement and expansion of the digital economy, including speeding up the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises and expanding the demand space for digital consumption. Fourth, expand smart and convenient digital life scenarios, including promoting the inclusiveness and efficiency of digital public services and raising the level of digitalization in key areas of life. The fifth is to create a positive, healthy and orderly cyberspace, including creating a shared social atmosphere, establishing a digital rule of law and ethics, and maintaining a safe and orderly digital environment. The sixth is to strengthen support, guarantee and coordination, including improving the collaborative support system, increasing the supply of high-quality digital resources, and actively participating in international exchanges and cooperation.

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