北京发布2024年第一轮拟供住宅用地清单 中心城区占比约四成

Beijing released the first round of the 2024 proposed residential land list, and central urban areas account for about 40%

Breakings ·  Feb 21 18:41
Today, the website of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources published the “2024 First Round List of Commercial Residential Land to be Supplied”. The list projects will be supplied from February 21 to May 31, 2024. According to information, the round list covered a total of 23 parcels, with a land area of about 140 hectares and a construction scale of 2.85 million square meters. Judging from the launch of land plots, the supply of high-quality land has been increased in one round. Nine plots of 54 hectares are located in the central urban area, accounting for about 40%; 12 plots of 69 hectares are located in the sub-center of the city and many parts of the plains, accounting for about 50%; and 2 plots of 17 hectares are located in ecological conservation areas, accounting for about 10%. In addition, nearly 90% of the projects on the list are located in key functional areas such as the area around rail transit stations, the “two zones” and “three cities and one district”, and the area covered by the southern part of the city, focusing on guiding the integration of industry and city and promoting work-residence balance. (Securities Times)

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