Mortgage interest rates are close to historic lows, and the property market is expected to usher in a “Xiaoyangchun”

Breakings ·  Feb 21 14:12

According to economic data, on February 20, the People's Bank of China authorized the National Interbank Lending Center to announce the latest loan market quoted interest rate (LPR). The 1-year LPR remained unchanged at 3.45%, and the LPR for 5 years or more was lowered by 25 basis points, from 4.2% to 3.95%. Chen Wenjing, director of market research at the China Index Research Institute, said that after the LPR was lowered, the current lower interest rate limits for the purchase of first and second home mortgages have dropped to 3.75% and 4.15%, respectively, further close to historical lows, and mortgage interest rates in some cities have fallen to historic lows. Zhang Dawei, chief analyst at Central Plains Real Estate, said that the market has gradually shown some signs of stabilization. He expects that with the emergence of a policy bottom, the bottom of market transactions will gradually begin to approach. After entering March, due to favorable policies in various areas, such as lower mortgage interest rates, the market is likely to experience a certain “Xiaoyangchun” trend.

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