China's top five banks are speeding up to follow up on the real estate financing “white list”

Breakings ·  Feb 15 10:22
During the Spring Festival, new developments continued to be reported in the coordination mechanism for urban real estate financing in China. According to the latest disclosure of the five major state-owned banks of industry, agriculture, China, construction, and telecommunications, they have connected more than 8,000 real estate financing “white list” projects. Among them, since the list of projects was launched in various regions on January 30, as of February 13, the Bank of Communications has obtained and connected 1,442 projects on the list, and has already invested in loans for some of these projects. After receiving the first batch of project lists, the Qingdao branch of the Bank of Commerce and Communications was able to launch and launch the first project on the list in just 3 days. (China News Network)

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