10余家上市公司盘后公告股东补充质押 20家公司互动易回应是否存在股票质押风险

More than 10 listed companies announced additional shareholders' pledges after the market, 20 companies interacted easily to respond to whether there is a risk of stock pledges

Breakings ·  Feb 5 19:55
As of press release, according to incomplete statistics, 12 listed companies, including Xinqianglian, Tianhao Energy, Leon Technology, Oriental Materials, Yongan, Hengxing Technology, Shandong Zhanggu, Richen Co., Ltd., Power Source, Dongshan Precision, Guizhou Tire, and Hangxiao Steel, issued supplementary shareholder pledge announcements after the market. In addition, 20 listed companies, including Sealing Technology, Jingu Co., Ltd., Jinying, Shangfeng Cement, China Steel International, 712, Nanwei Software, Rongda Sensitive, Ningshui Group, Baili Electric, Chengchang Technology, Luoniushan, Taiji, Zhongjing Technology, Haiwang Biotech, Tongda, Hyde, Shanghai Steel Union, Aimeike, and Huabang Health, interacted with EasyUp to respond to whether there are stock pledge risks. Among them, Golden Eagle Co., Ltd. replied on Interactive Easy that the company's shareholders' equity pledges are at a normal and reasonable level, and there is currently no pledge risk.

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