持续加码 深市近百家出手回购

Continue to increase repurchases from nearly 100 companies in Shenzhen

Breakings ·  Feb 4 19:29
According to incomplete statistics, from the beginning of 2024 to February 2, a total of 97 sub-companies in Shenzhen have disclosed repurchase plans or proposals, and the proposed repurchase amount is expected to reach 7 billion yuan to 13.212 billion yuan. Another 626 sub-companies disclosed repurchase progress announcements, and the amount of repurchases implemented has reached 14.317 billion yuan. Among them, there is no shortage of listed companies that continue to increase their original repurchase plans. Since 2024, companies including Enjie Co., Ltd., Sunwoda, and Changchun Hi-Tech have once again proposed repurchase plans on the basis that they have already implemented and completed repurchase plans in the early stages, demonstrating the confidence of listed companies in themselves, the industry, and the capital market. (China Foundation News)

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