回购增持潮延续 又一批上市公司挺身而出

The wave of buybacks to increase holdings continues, and another batch of listed companies stepped forward

Breakings ·  Jan 20 08:09
The boom in buying back and increasing holdings of listed companies continues. On the evening of January 19, many listed companies such as Changchun Hi-Tech, iKodi, Sunshine Lighting, Eddy Precision, and Tianchuang Fashion joined the repurchase team to increase their holdings, frequently conveying confidence to the market. According to market participants, large-scale buybacks by listed companies can boost investor confidence to a large extent and push the market gradually out of the bottom. At the same time, by sending positive signals to the secondary market, listed companies can to a certain extent play a role in stabilizing stock prices and preventing the company's stock price from being too low and deviating from the actual value of the company. (Shanghai Securities Report)

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