30余家上市公司盘后披露2023年业绩预增或预盈公告 齐峰新材同比最高预增2968%

More than 30 listed companies disclosed pre-market performance increases or pre-profit announcements for 2023, and Qi Feng New Materials reported a year-on-year maximum advance increase of 2968%

Breakings ·  Jan 17 22:37
As of press release, according to incomplete statistics, post-market statistics include Qi Feng New Materials, Hangya Technology, Lisheng Pharmaceutical, Wuxi Zhenhua, Pan Asia Micro, Changyuan Donggu, Bose Co., Ltd., Colin Electric, Mulinsen, Tianli Technology, Shuangjian, Changqing Group, Sanxiong Aurora, Action Education, Guyue Longshan, Lante Optics, Shangsheng Electronics, Weijie Chuangxin, Jiayi Co., Ltd., Fluorite Network, Rocai Co., Ltd., Weibao Pet, Runhe Software, Weiss Healthcare, Yunlu A total of 29 listed companies, including Feng Technology, Swan Co., Ltd., Wanrun Co., Ltd., and Huazu Testing, disclosed advance performance announcements for the full year of 2023. In addition, a total of 5 listed companies, Yisheng Co., Ltd., Ruiming Technology, Qianzhao Optoelectronics, Zhongnan Co., Ltd., and Camellia Co., Ltd. disclosed pre-profit announcements for their annual results.

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