Who is better Gemini or GPT-4? Zhou Hongyi: Looking at Google in the long run, it's more than enough to catch up with GPT-4

Breakings ·  12/09/2023 19:05
On December 9, 360 Group founder and chairman Zhou Hongli posted on Weibo about who is better, Google Gemini or GPT-4. Zhou Hongli said that Google's business model relies on search and advertising. Expanding the model is tantamount to hitting the right hand with the left hand, so they didn't do their best. This gave OpenAI a chance to perform. Now Google understands that instead of being beaten to death, it is better to take the initiative to change. In the long run, it is more than enough for Google to catch up with GPT-4. After all, it comes from a search engine, has a data advantage, and has accumulated and accumulated a lot of knowledge. The integration of search and big models can make big models more real-time, more comprehensive, and more accurate, and the search itself more intelligent.

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