Tesla launched the Cybertruck “Basic Series”, priced at 120,000 US dollars, and produced only 1,000 vehicles

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 16:04
According to the electric vehicle website Electrek, Tesla has begun inviting users who pre-ordered Cybertruck in the early stages to choose a “basic version” vehicle. The price of this version of Cybertruck is as high as 120,000 US dollars, which is 20% higher than the starting price of the most expensive “Beast Edition”. It is estimated that only 1,000 vehicles will be produced. Tesla said, “This is a full-option car, including a limited edition laser-etched logo, premium accessories, charging equipment with Powershare home backup hardware, all-terrain tires, FSD features, and more.” The company confirmed in an email to subscribers that the Cybertruck basic series has begun to be delivered in California and Texas, and will expand to more states in 2024. (Global Market Report)

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