Ministry of Commerce: Launching a countervailing investigation against Chinese electric vehicles is not in the interest of the Chinese and European automobile industries

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 15:53

Ministry of Commerce spokesman He Yadong said that on October 4 this year, the European Commission initiated its own countervailing investigation against China's electric vehicles without an EU industry application. The lack of sufficient evidence to launch an investigation by the European Commission is a typical act of trade protectionism. Not only is China strongly opposed, but it is also questioned by many EU member states and EU industries, believing that protectionist measures will only backfire. The Chinese side believes that this countervailing investigation is not in the interests of the Chinese and European automobile industries, seriously disrupts and distorts the supply chain of the global automobile industry chain, including the European Union, is not conducive to dealing with climate change between China and Europe and the world at large, and will have a negative impact on economic and trade relations between China and Europe. The essence of economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe is complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win situation. We hope that the European Commission will listen carefully to the opinions of all parties, abandon protectionist trade practices, support the China-Europe automobile industry in deepening trade and investment cooperation, promote mutually beneficial and win-win development, and create a favorable environment for China and Europe to jointly address climate change and achieve green transformation. (Ministry of Commerce)

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