Incremental capital continued to increase, and stock ETFs attracted more than 380 billion dollars during the year

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 15:30
Since this year, under the turbulence and adjustment trend of the A-share market, the net inflow of stock ETFs has exceeded 380 billion yuan. Among them, broad-based ETFs have become the main source of gold absorption. According to industry insiders, since this year, the A-share industry has been rotating rapidly, and industry allocation is difficult. Capturing the pace of A-shares through a broad-based index is a relatively more efficient and convenient way to invest. Not only is the emerging market booming, but incremental capital is also constantly increasing ETFs. After Guoxin Investment announced an increase in its holdings in the Guoxin Central Enterprise Technology Index Fund last week, there was a marked increase in trading of central enterprise technology ETFs and central enterprise innovation-driven ETFs. Some industry insiders said that incremental capital from state-owned capital is continuously entering the market, and more and more institutions may enter the market in the future, boosting investment confidence in the A-share market. (Securities Times)

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