Wuhan: 10 million yuan of “fuel+new energy” car purchase vouchers will be issued

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 14:55
On December 12, Wuhan will launch the “2023 Wuhan 'New Year's Eve and Spring Year' series of automobile consumer promotion activities”. During this period, 10 million yuan of “fuel+new energy” car purchase vouchers will be issued. According to reports, under the guidance of the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, in accordance with the principles of “government guidance, association assistance, corporate concessions, and public benefits”, the Wuhan Automobile Dealers Association, Wuhan Automobile Dealers Association, and Wuhan Automobile Dealers Association, together with Hengxin Automobile Group, Car Understanding, and Douyin Life Service, will jointly launch. (Released by Wuhan)

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