The National Bureau of Data published typical investment cases of platform companies

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 14:51
The National Bureau of Data released news on the 7th. The National Bureau of Statistics, together with relevant departments, recently conducted in-depth research to understand the development of platform enterprises and found that platform enterprises continue to increase their investment efforts and play an important role in leading development, creating employment, and international competition. The National Bureau of Data has sorted out a number of typical investment cases of platform companies. In terms of technological innovation, the National Bureau of Data research learned that platform enterprises are actively carrying out technological innovation and constructing a new pattern of international competition: Alibaba continues to invest in Aojie Technology Co., Ltd. to enhance the global competitiveness of China's cellular communication products; Baidu invests in Radish Yunli (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., which has provided tens of thousands of unmanned travel services in 11 cities including Beijing and Chongqing; Didi invests in Beixing (Beijing) Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. to support autonomous driving technology innovation... National Bureau of Data research found that, overall, platform enterprises are leading development, job creation and international Competition and other fields actively play a leading role in empowering and driving technology, promoting research on key core technologies, promoting the quality and efficiency of the real economy, and contributing to the achievement of self-reliance and self-improvement at a high level of science and technology, and the promotion of high-quality development. According to reports, the National Bureau of Data will work with relevant departments to continue to launch typical investment cases for platform enterprises to support platform enterprises to play a more active role in promoting the digital economy. (Xinhua News Agency)

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