郭明錤:预测iPhone 16将会推出AIGC相关功能,瑞声科技与歌尔股份为领先受益者

Guo Mingyi: Predicting that iPhone 16 will launch AIGC related features, Ruisheng Technology and Goertek shares are the leading beneficiaries

Breakings ·  12/07/2023 14:34

Guo Mingyi, an analyst at Tianfeng International, wrote that generative AI (AIGC) will be popular in 2023, so it is not difficult to predict that the iPhone 16 will launch relevant innovative features, but the key is whether there is relevant evidence to support this prediction. Apple reorganized the Siri team in 3Q23 with the goal of integrating AIGC functions/LLM. On mobile phones, voice input will be the key interface for AI/AIGC/LLM, so enhancing Siri software and hardware functions and specifications is the key to promoting AIGC. According to the latest survey, all iPhone 16 models will significantly upgrade microphone specifications. Ruisheng Technology and Goertek are microphone suppliers for the iPhone 16 (the share of supply is not expected to vary much). Benefiting from upgraded specifications, the unit price of each iPhone 16 microphone will be at least 100-150% higher than that of the iPhone 15. It is expected that the revenue and profit of Ruisheng Technology and Goertek will significantly benefit from this microphone upgrade. Also, since Ruisheng Technology's revenue scale is small, it is relatively more beneficial.

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