Zhongyuan Securities: intelligently reshaping the industry pattern, increasing the concentration of the automobile industry

Breakings ·  12/05/2023 08:25
On December 5, the Zhongyuan Securities Research Report pointed out that intelligence is reshaping the industry pattern and increasing the concentration of the automobile industry. Technology-based enterprises such as Huawei and Xiaomi have entered the intelligent automobile industry chain one after another, and car companies have accelerated the transformation from the traditional vertical division of labor industry chain business model to an ecosystem division of labor. The sales volume of some car companies that are progressing slowly in intelligence and have limited influence on brands and products is under pressure. The competitive landscape focuses on the implementation of high-end smart driving, and is increasing, boosting the iterative upgrading of software and hardware. The policy promotes the implementation of L3+ intelligent driving technology, and the requirements for software algorithms and hardware performance for advanced intelligent driving are increasing. Automobile companies are focusing on the application of AI models, and domestic new energy brands are promoting the mass production and implementation of urban NOA. The price of L2+ functions, represented by urban NOA, continues to decline. 2024 is the year of intelligent transformation. The long-term trend of global electrification has been determined. Empowered by intelligence, the penetration rate of new energy will continue to grow, the driving force for industry growth is obvious, and demand for independent brands will continue to rise.

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