Zhihu CEO Zhou Yuan: The company's value is underestimated, and the goal for 2024 is profitable growth

Breakings ·  12/04/2023 18:24
On November 29, Zhihu released its Q3 earnings report, and the stock price dropped sharply. In response, Zhou Yuan, founder, chairman, and CEO of Zhihu, said that losses have not narrowed fast enough because investment in AI models has been increased. As the AI strategy shifts to related applications, losses brought about by the basic big model will also be drastically reduced in the future. Furthermore, investment in the vocational education business will definitely pay off. Zhou Yuan said that there are many factors that influence stock prices, and many times they are more affected by people's emotions. The value of the company is underestimated, but the momentary rise and fall in stock prices will not affect the direction and determination to advance the implementation of the strategy. In 2024, the company aims for profitable growth. Next, we will promote a series of actions to simplify the organization, eliminate waste, incentivize high output, eliminate low efficiency, and firmly promote high-quality development.

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