小米王化:小米14 Pro钛金属特别版正在补货阶段,没必要加价购买

Xiaomi Wanghua: The Xiaomi 14 Pro titanium special edition is in the replenishment stage, so there is no need to buy it at a higher price

Breakings ·  12/04/2023 17:19
On the afternoon of December 4, Wang Xiaoyan, vice president of Xiaomi Group and president of China, posted on Weibo, “Recently, we have received complaints from some students that purchasing special titanium editions at individual stores is forced to combine value-added services or price increases. This is a red line. We have once again seriously emphasized with Xiaomi homes across the country that price increases in stores and mandatory bundling of value-added services are strictly prohibited. If any store violates it, please let all of your rice noodle friends monitor it.” Afterwards, the general manager of the PR department of the Xiaomi Group retweeted the microblog and said that the special titanium edition of the Xiaomi 14 Pro is in the replenishment stage, and “there is really no need for everyone to buy it at a higher price.”

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