From integration into the car enterprise system to independent car building: the road to building cars for Huawei, Xiaomi, and Meizu phones is fragmented

Breakings ·  12/04/2023 05:47
As tech giants enter the new battleground for smart cars, a new round of the “smart car war” has begun. At a time when the industry is hotly debating whether the “Nokia moment” for the automotive industry will arrive, smartphone manufacturers are entering this racetrack one after another. Currently, Huawei is expanding its “circle of friends” for smart cars outside the world. Xiaomi is also intensively promoting the launch of the first car in the first half of next year, while Meizu is backing on Geely Group resources and plans to launch the DreamCar Co-Creation Program in the first quarter of 2024 to launch the first customized model, the Meizu DreamCar MX. Under the wave of electrification, intelligence, and connectivity, the development of the automobile industry is no longer limited to single-line technological innovation, but rather multi-technology integration innovation incorporating artificial intelligence, sensorless interaction, space-earth communication, and cross-border connectivity capabilities. These abilities have also given mobile phone manufacturers a “ticket” to compete for the new circuit. However, judging from the way they entered the racetrack, the three “Hua Xiaomei” mobile phone manufacturers just split into three types: Meizu integrated into Geely's automobile system, Huawei relied on intelligent capabilities to become a new car supplier, and Xiaomi directly entered the integrated supply chain to build cars as a mobile phone manufacturer.

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