碳酸锂期价4个月最高暴跌近六成 超10家相关上市公司本周密集回应 天齐锂业、雅化集团均表示会根据市场需求调整生产

The futures price of lithium carbonate plummeted to a high of nearly 60% in 4 months, and more than 10 related listed companies intensively responded this week in response to Tianqi Lithium and Yahua Group, which both said they would adjust production acc

Breakings ·  12/01/2023 20:56
The main lithium carbonate futures contract hit a standstill in the intraday period on Friday. The intraday decline reached 6.97%, a new low since listing. Compared with the listing benchmark price of 246,000 yuan/ton, the biggest cumulative decline in the last four months is about 58%. According to incomplete statistics, as of press release, 12 listed companies involving lithium carbonate, including Yahua Group, Tianqi Lithium, Zangge Mining, Tibet Everest, Salt Lake Co., Ltd., Yongxing Materials, China Mining Resources, Sichuan Energy, China Salt Lake Co., Ltd., Penghui Energy, Everweft Lithium Energy, and Shengyang Co., Ltd., responded to the current business situation and countermeasures on an interactive platform this week. Salt Lake Co., Ltd. mentioned that the fall in the price of lithium carbonate will reduce the company's profit margin. Sichuan Energy Power said that part of the company's revenue decline in July-September was due to a decrease in lithium battery revenue (related to falling prices of lithium mines and lithium salt). In terms of follow-up measures, Tianqi Lithium said it will comprehensively consider raw materials and product inventories to rationally plan the pace of future lithium concentrate procurement and production. Yahua Group also said it will adjust production according to market demand, and will also use options and futures hedging tools to deal with the risk of price fluctuations.

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