人民时评:直播带货 规范方能长远

People's Times Review: Only by regulating the delivery of goods for live streaming can be long-term

Breakings ·  11/29/2023 07:46
The People's Times Review article points out that the prosperity and development of the online consumer market is inseparable from the rule of law, and it also requires concerted efforts from various parties to govern. Supervisory authorities should earnestly perform their duties with due diligence and step up the crackdown on illegal and irregularities related to e-commerce live streaming; platforms should earnestly carry out the main responsibilities of management, strengthen supervision, and do a good job of guiding standards; and merchants must strictly abide by laws and regulations, strengthen self-discipline, and operate in good faith. Of course, consumers should also raise their own risk awareness, strengthen prevention of various marketing routines during the online shopping process, and promptly report damage to platforms and supervisory authorities for help when they discover damage to their rights and interests. With operators sharing more responsibilities and consumers being more rational, live streaming can make a steady and far-reaching move in the midst of prosperity and prosperity.

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