建行召集6家房企召开座谈会 拟进一步支持房企融资需求

CCB summoned 6 housing enterprises to hold a symposium to further support the financing needs of housing enterprises

Breakings ·  11/24/2023 21:08
Today, the head office of CCB summoned six housing enterprises in Beijing to hold a symposium to listen to the needs of various housing enterprises. It is proposed to further support the financing needs of housing enterprises and supplement liquidity. According to information, the six housing enterprises include Vanke, Longhu, Midea Real Estate, Xincheng Development, Binjiang Group, and Dahua Group. At the conference, various housing enterprises exchanged views on bond underwriting and investment, operating property loans, bank credit increases, and overseas and cross-border financing. According to reports, the head office of the Bank of Communications will also summon eight housing enterprises next week to discuss related matters.

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