The average premium rate of AH shares of 14 brokerage stocks is as high as 170%

Breakings ·  11/24/2023 07:10

Currently, there are 14 A+H brokerage stocks in the market, and the AH share premium rate of these brokerage stocks (an indicator that measures the price difference between H shares and A shares) has remained at a high level for a long time. As of November 23, the AH average premium rate of the 14 brokerage stocks mentioned above was even as high as 170%. Among these, CITIC Construction Investment's AH shares had the highest premium rate of 276.86%; the AH share premium rate of Zhongyuan Securities followed by 269.31%; in addition, the AH share premium rate of Guolian Securities, CICC Corporation, Shenwan Hongyuan, Everbright Securities, and China Galaxy also all had AH share premiums of over 200%. However, the AH share premium rates of the four brokerage firms, including CITIC Securities, Guangfa Securities, Huatai Securities, and Guotai Junan, are relatively low. They all do not exceed 100%, at 45.82%, 54.47%, 59.7%, and 80.36%, respectively.

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