郑煤机收监管工作函 购买华软新动力相关信托“踩雷”

Zheng Coal Machinery Receives Supervision Work Letter and Purchases Trust Related to Huasoft New Power to “Step on Thunder”

Breakings ·  11/20/2023 00:51
On November 19, the official website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange showed that Zheng Mei Ji received a supervisory work letter. The working letter relates to the progress of Zheng Mei Ji's purchase of trust products. On the same day, Zheng Mei Machinery's announcement on the progress and risk warning of the purchase of trust wealth management products showed that there is a risk that the three trust wealth management products purchased by Beijing Huasoft New Power Private Equity Fund Management Co., Ltd. as an investment advisor by the company will not be able to be paid on time or in full.

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