The report shows that travel during the snow and ice season will experience explosive growth, and the consumption structure will tend to be diversified and specialized

Breakings ·  11/08/2023 04:40
According to the “2023-2024 Ice and Snow Season Travel Consumption Trend Forecast” report recently released by Tuniu Travel Network, users' enthusiasm for snow and ice trips continues to heat up, and it is expected that the 2023-2024 snow and ice season will experience explosive growth in the number of visitors and travel consumption. After the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday until October 31, the number of searches for products related to Tuniu Ice and Snow Tour continued to increase. Users in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places are in greater demand for snow and ice tours. The report also points out that as the size of the snow and ice tour market continues to expand, the consumption structure of snow and ice tours is also developing in the direction of diversification, specialization, and segmentation. “Ice and snow+leisure tourism,” “ice and snow+health,” and “ice and snow+sports” have become the main development models for the domestic snow and ice tourism market at present. (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

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