The ticket price for some diving routes during the festival is less than 200 yuan

Breakings ·  10/02 07:22
During the National Day, ticket prices for some routes are diving. Yesterday, a Beijing Youth Daily reporter searched various platforms and found that the ticket price for individual routes is less than 200 yuan, so visitors can pick up the missing items and go on a trip where they say go. The reporter's search found that the flights departing from Beijing with the most price reductions were long-term trips. Among them, ticket prices to Lanzhou and Shenzhen dropped by 72%. On October 2, the price of a Beijing-Lanzhou naked ticket was only 415 yuan; from Guangzhou, the price reduction to Beijing was the highest. The price of a direct naked ticket for a direct flight on October 2 was only 356 yuan. However, flights departing from Shanghai are the most cost-effective. For example, flights to Chengdu dropped by 82% on October 3, the price of naked tickets was only 173 yuan, and the price drop for flights to Shenzhen reached 81%, or 176 yuan.

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