中秋国庆假期预计超2100万名旅客乘机出行 市场需求火爆各大航司加码运力

More than 21 million passengers are expected to travel during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, and market demand is booming, and major airlines are increasing their capacity

Breakings ·  10/01 04:40
Jin Junhao, deputy director of the Transportation Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, said at the press conference that the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day is a total of 8 days. Judging from the ticket pre-sales situation in the early days, demand for travel, vacations, family and friends is strong, and tourist travel is concentrated. It is estimated that more than 21 million passengers will travel by air, and 137,000 flights will be guaranteed. Among them, an average of 14,000 domestic passenger flights and 1.96 million domestic passengers are guaranteed per day, an increase of 18% and 17%, respectively, over the 2019 National Day holiday.

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