The scale of frequent “new” REITs is about to exceed 100 billion

Breakings ·  09/29 21:57
Recently, the exchange revealed that two products, Harvest China Power Construction Clean Energy REITs and Boshijin Industrial Park REITs, were accepted. In addition to this, there are currently REIT products declared by E-Fangda Fund and ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, which are in the “inquired” and “feedbacks” status respectively. The number of publicly offered REITs exceeds 30, and the amount raised exceeds 100 billion dollars. It is worth mentioning that during the year, REITs products became the “main force” of dividends in the volatile market. Although the secondary market faced a certain amount of withdrawal, 25 of the 28 products listed had already implemented dividends, with a total dividend of 4.630 billion yuan. Some institutions believe that from a valuation perspective, in a situation where subsequent macro-systemic risks are not significant, combined with low valuations and high dividend cost performance, REITs currently have good investment value. (Brokerage in China)

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