证监会修订两项证联网规定 进一步规范券商运维、安全等系列工作

The Securities Regulatory Commission revises two securities networking regulations to further regulate brokers' operations, maintenance, security, etc.

Breakings ·  09/28 12:06
The reporter learned that the Science and Technology Bureau of the Securities Regulatory Commission has perfected the system related to the securities network in line with the reform of the industry supervision system and the actual situation of the daily work of the securities network, including the “Securities Network Access Security Management Code” and the “Securities Network Service Guidelines”, which have been issued to various brokerage firms by the China Securities Association. The reporter noticed that the purpose of this revision is to effectively connect with higher requirements and further standardize daily tasks such as construction, operation and maintenance, security, emergency response, and services of the certification network. In recent years, the country and industry have intensively introduced laws and regulations such as the “Cybersecurity Law,” “Regulations on the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure,” and “Measures for the Management of Network and Information Security in the Securities and Futures Industry.” This revision highlights ensuring the safe and stable operation of the certificate network and strengthening the security management of the certificate network and information security. (Finance Association)

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