Didi Pay's capital increase to 400 million dollars has been “approved” by the regulatory authorities

Breakings ·  09/14 23:34

Recently, the central bank updated the “Notice of Change License Information on Important Matters for Non-Bank Payment Institutions”. The new licensing information shows that the central bank has agreed that Beijing Didi Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Didi Pay) will increase its registered capital to 400 million yuan. According to the previous National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System, Didi Pay's registered capital is 300 million yuan. After this capital increase is approved, its registered capital will increase to 400 million yuan, an increase of 33%. Didi Pay is a third-party payment agency under Didi. Its payment products are mainly used in payment scenarios for various Didi Chuxing businesses. According to public information from the central bank, Didi Pay has obtained a “payment business license” (hereinafter referred to as payment license) issued by the central bank to engage in internet payment business and provide internet payment solutions.

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