煤市继续平稳运行 环渤海动力煤价格指数连续三周报732元/吨

The coal market continues to run smoothly, and the Bohai Rim thermal coal price index has been reported at 732 yuan/ton for three consecutive weeks

Breakings ·  03/22 18:56
The Qinhuangdao Coal Network released the latest edition of the Bohai Rim Thermal Coal Price Index on March 22, reporting 732 yuan/ton for the third consecutive week. The report shows that from March 15 to March 21, judging from the collection of transaction prices at the six ports around the Bohai Sea, a total of 80 sample units were collected in this edition, with a sample volume of 303. The comprehensive spot price of 5500K calorific value (sulfur content: 0.6%-1%) is 842 yuan/ton, and the comprehensive price of Changxie is 724 yuan/ton. The calculation ratio between spot and Changxie is 7:93. Judging from the calculation results, the prices of all 24 specification products remained flat during the reporting period.

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