下游光伏装机需求高增,今年石英坩埚厂商忙扩产 现处于满产满销状态

Demand for downstream photovoltaic installations has soared, and quartz crucible manufacturers are busy expanding production this year and are now at full production and full sales

Breakings ·  03/07 09:38
PV installations will continue to soar this year, driving up demand for quartz crucibles. Leading crucible manufacturers are currently in full production and have plans to expand production. Since high-quality quartz sand is still in short supply, the industry expects that there is still room for price increases for quartz crucibles. People related to Jingsheng Electromechanical said that the overall supply of the company's products is currently in short supply, and the corresponding expansion of production capacity is being accelerated. Production will expand to 20,000 units/month this year.

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