政策发力 氢燃料电池迎发展机遇

Policies boost hydrogen fuel cells to welcome development opportunities

Breakings ·  Dec 9, 2022 05:34

Recently, the “Guangzhou Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Application Work Plan (2022-2025)” issued by the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission proposed that by 2025, fuel cell vehicles will be promoted and applied on a large scale, the layout and construction of hydrogen refueling stations is progressing steadily, and a hydrogen energy hub with international influence will initially be built. Industry insiders said that it is expected that the relevant policies will clearly promote hydrogen energy commercial vehicle manufacturing, renewable energy hydrogen production, and the decline in hydrogen terminal prices, which will help resolve shortcomings in regional hydrogen energy development. Currently, many car companies such as SAIC Motor Group, Great Wall Motor, and BMW have laid out ahead of schedule in the hydrogen fuel cell field.

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