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China Hongguang Holdings Limited (08646.HK)

长雄证券 ·  {{timeTz}}

業務概括 財務摘要 集團主要以「宏光」品牌在華南從事生產及銷售建築玻璃產品,包括節能安全玻璃產品 (如鍍膜玻璃、中空玻璃、夾層玻璃及鋼化玻璃)及智能玻璃產品(即調光玻璃)。 集團的建築玻璃產品可加工成玻璃物料,用於建設各種建築結構,例如幕牆安裝及內部間隔設立。此外,集團的產品可進一步加工成光學鏡片及螢幕保護膜。於2019 年12 月,集團於廣東省運營一間生產廠房,總建築面積為21,424 平方米。   競爭優勢 集團強大的研發實力能夠開發優質建築玻璃產品 集團已做好充分準備,迎接中國政府出台優惠政策及市場發展之良機   風險因素 集團的銷售依賴華南市場,倘出現任何影響該市場的不利經濟、社會或政治狀況,對業務有不利影響 可能因產能不足而不能滿足客戶需求及失去業務所得款項用途 約 51.3% 用作升級現有生產設施 約 10.8% 用作償還銀行貸款 約 12.9% 用作提升研發能力 約 14.4% 用作加強信息技術、生產安全及環保基建設施,以升級仙橋廠及ERP 系統 約 5.6% 用作擴大銷售及市場範圍 約 5.0% 供作一般營運資金

Summary of duties Jiyi mainly produces and sells Jianli glass products under the brand "Hongguang", including energy safety glass products (such as thin film glass, hollow glass, ceramic glass and phosphorescent glass) and smart glass products (i.e. polished glass). The integrated building glass products can be processed into glass materials, which can be used for the construction of various structures, such as screen installation and internal isolation. In addition, the products of the collection can be further processed into optical film and screen protection film. In December 2019, a production house was built in Jiangsu province, with a total construction area of 21424 square meters. Thank you very much. Gather strong R & D efforts to develop new glass products Marketplace has made full preparations to meet the favorable opportunities for the introduction of preferential policies and market development by the Chinese government. Negative factor The sale of the bazaar is based on the southern market, and if any adverse economic, social or political conditions affect the market, it will have an adverse effect on the business. May be unable to meet customer demand and lose the use of service income due to insufficient production capacity. About 51.3% is used to upgrade existing production facilities. About 10.8% is used for repayment. About 12.9% is used to enhance R & D capacity. About 14.4% will be used to enhance information technology, production safety and environmental protection infrastructure to upgrade the Immortals and ERP systems. About 5.6% is used for "big sale" and market range. About 5.0% for general financial assistance.

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