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Wanya Enterprise Holdings Limited (08173.HK)

长雄证券 ·  {{timeTz}}

業務概括 財務摘要 萬亞企業經重組後重新上市,該股份已自2017年3月20日起於聯交所暫停買賣,而公司須呈交復牌建議,顯示擁有足夠程度業務運作或資產。2019年5月24日,聯交所已原則上批准新上市申請。作為建議重組架構的一部份,公司建議透過股份發售合共集資約43.2百萬港元(未扣除開支)。目標集團於一九九五年成立,主要業務為向物業提供室內設計服務,包括私人 住宅、公司辦公室、服務式公寓、酒店、住宅會所、示範單位及售樓處。於最後實際 可行日期,目標集團為一間信譽卓著的香港知名室內設計公司,連同高級管理層團隊, 擁有一支由60名專業設計師組成的團隊,彼等均具備2至30年以上的相關經驗。 競爭優勢 目標集團擁有一支能交付優質作品的專業設計師團隊以及具有豐富經驗的管理團隊 目標集團於室內設計行業具有良好知名聲譽 目標集團與客戶及工藝商保持穩定長期的關係 風險因素 建議重組(其涉及(其中包括)股份發售)須待先決條件獲達成後方告完成,概不保證有關條件可獲達成及╱或建議重組定將按計劃完成 收購事項中將予收購的業務為室內設計業務,該業務與集團的現有業務完全不同,且經重組集團的未來方向將專注於室內設計機會 目標集團的收入來自有限數量的客戶授出的項目,倘自目標集團主要客戶取得的項目數量及價值出現任何大幅減少,將對目標集團的財務狀況及經營業績造成重大不利影響 所得款項用途 保持及鞏固在香港的市場地位 提高品牌知名度及加強營銷力度 繼續招聘人才及加強內部培訓以支持未來增長

Summary of duties Ten thousand enterprises have been re-listed after restructuring, and the shares have been suspended on the Stock Exchange since March 20, 2017, and the company must submit a license proposal to show that there is a sufficient level of financial performance or assets. On May 24, 2019, the Stock Exchange approved the application for new listing in principle. As part of the restructuring structure, the company proposes to raise a total of approximately HK $4.32 million (excluding expenses) through share sales. The collection was established in 1995 to provide in-house planning services to the property industry, including private housing, corporate offices, service apartments, hotels, residential clubs, display units and sales offices. As of the last practicable date, the collection is a well-known indoor design company in Hong Kong with a high-level management staff of 60 professional designers, all of whom have related experience of more than 2 to 30 years. Thank you very much. The catalogue has a professional design program that can deliver excellent works, as well as a management program that has a wealth of financial resources. The collection of indoor planning industry has a good reputation. The collection maintains a long-term relationship with customers and contractors. Negative factor The proposed reconfiguration (which involves, among other things, the sale of shares) will not be completed until the prior conditions have been met, there is no guarantee that the relevant conditions can be achieved and that the ╱ or recommended reconfiguration will be completed as planned. The receipts in the collection items are indoor accounting services, which are completely different from the existing tasks of the collection, and the future direction of the reorganized collection is noted in the indoor planning machine. The revenue of the target collection comes from items granted by a limited number of customers. if there is any significant decrease in the number and value of items obtained by the main customers of the target collection, it will have a significant adverse effect on the performance and operating performance of the target collection. The purpose of the income Maintain and maintain its market position in Hong Kong Improve brand awareness and strengthen brand awareness Continue to recruit talents and strengthen internal training to support future growth

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