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Application for new shares of 8521.HK International Holdings Limited

长雄证券 ·  {{timeTz}}

業務概括 集團是一家中國功能性針織面料供應商,產品主要直接銷往內衣及服裝品牌擁有人;採購代理;及服裝製造商。 集團藉著其產品創新能力設計功能性針織面料,採購主要由人造纖維及紗線組成的原材料,並委聘第三方工廠進行紡紗、針織及染色的生產工序,以向客戶直接銷售功能性針織面料。其提供的功能性針織面料分為兩大類,即保暖面料;及散熱面料。 為增加收益來源並創造交叉銷售的機會,集團向身為內衣及服裝品牌擁有人的客戶銷售由其功能性針織面料製成的服裝。集團已與主要內衣及服裝品牌擁有人,如北京愛慕、博尼、安莉芳及北京小護士;及採購代理如伊藤忠,其向內衣及服裝品牌擁有人及成衣製造商客戶進行銷售建立關係。 競爭優勢 集團已與主要且信譽良好的內衣及服裝品牌擁有人以及採購代理建立業務關係 集團擁有強勁的產品創新能力 集團採用精簡的業務模式,得以有效管理成本 風險因素 依賴第三方工廠為集團生產產品 面臨客戶集中風險及並無與主要客戶訂立長期銷售協議 產品質量問題可能導致客戶流失 所得款項用途 約 22.4% 用作加強集團的銷售力度 約 60.4% 用作提高創新能力及增加研發產品檢驗資源 約 9.6% 用作加強資訊科技基礎設施 約 7.6% 用作一般營運資金

Summary of duties Jiyi is a Chinese functional fabric supplier, and its products are mainly sold directly to underwear and clothing brand buyers, customer agents, and clothing manufacturers. Through the design of functional weave fabrics through the new capability of its products, Jixi mainly uses raw materials composed of artificial weaving and thread, and employs third-party workers to carry out the production process of weaving, weaving and dyeing, in order to sell functional weave fabrics directly to customers. The functional fabric it provides can be divided into two categories: warm fabric and bulk fabric. In order to increase revenue and create cross-selling opportunities, we sell clothing made of functional fabric to customers who are the owners of underwear and clothing brands. The collection has established relationships with major underwear and clothing brands, such as Beijing Romu, Boni, an Lifang and Beijing Xiaoxi, and marketing agents such as Itochu, which sells underwear and clothing brands and garment manufacturers to customers. Thank you very much. The collection has established business relationships with owners of major and well-trusted underwear and clothing brands and customer agents. Combine the new capabilities of strong products Collect and use the fine business model, so that the cost can be managed effectively Negative factor Produce products in accordance with the third-party industry. Centralize sales to customers and establish long-term sales agreements with major customers The problem of product quantity may cause the loss of customers. The purpose of the income About 22.4% is used to strengthen the selling strength of the collection. About 60.4% is used to improve innovation capacity and increase R & D product inspection resources. About 9.6% is used to strengthen the infrastructure of information technology. About 7.6% is used for general financial assistance.

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