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Chuneng Holdings Limited (8430.HK) applies for new shares

长雄证券 ·  {{timeTz}}

業務概括 春能控股創立於1992 年, 為新加坡物流行業運輸及存儲服務供應商, 向客戶提供貨車運輸及集散服務, 貨車運輸服務指將貨物主要為集裝箱, 從客戶指定提貨地點交付至指定交貨地點,集散服務指在物流堆場或客戶可能指定的其他 地點處理及儲存重櫃及吉櫃, 另外集團擁有經驗豐富的管理團隊, 以及擁有一支龐大的車隊,能夠處理大量的客戶訂單, 而客戶群主要為新加坡供應鏈中的物流服務供應商。 競爭優勢 擁有眾多車輛來實施運輸及存儲服務業務 集團注重提供優質服務而在業內享譽盛名 集團與供應商擁有密切穩固的合作關係 風險因素 集團大部分收益來自其中一名客戶, 且任何來自該名客戶的業務減少或損失可能對營運及財務狀況造成不利及重大影響 新加坡的客戶業務業績或策略發展不利可能影響集團的營運及財務業績 燃料價格的波動可能影響集團的盈利能力 所得款項用途 約60.4% 用於通過購買新車提升提供運輸及存儲服務的能力 約18.4% 用於擴展及增加員工人數 約9.6% 用於增加信息技術系統 約6.1% 用於購買新辦公室以容納新增員工 約5.5% 用作一般運營資金

Summary of duties Chuneng Holdings was established in 1992 as a transportation and storage service provider for the logistics industry in Singapore, providing transportation and distribution services to customers. The transportation service refers to the delivery of goods mainly in the collection box, and delivery to the designated delivery point at the designated pick-up point, and the distribution service refers to such other points as may be specified in the logistics yard or customer. Location processing and storage of heavy load and fortune, in addition, there is a rich management business, as well as a large customer service, which can handle a large number of customers, and the customer base is mainly the logistics service providers in Singapore. Thank you very much. There are many customers to implement transport and storage services. The collection company pays attention to the provision of customer service and enjoys a high reputation in the market. There is a close and strong cooperative relationship between the collector and the supplier. Negative factor Most of the revenue from the collection comes from one of the customers, and the lack or loss of any service from a named customer may adversely and significantly affect the customs and business conditions. The adverse development of Singapore's customer service or strategy may affect the costs and services of a collection of customers. The volatility of fuel may affect the profitability of the collection. The purpose of the income About 60.4% is used to enhance the ability to provide transport and storage services through new customers. About 18.4% is used for exhibition and increasing the number of workers. About 9.6% is used to increase the number of information technology systems About 6.1% will be used in the new office to accommodate the new staff. About 5.5% is used for general financial assistance.

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