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两家投行上调初级银行家年薪 第一年分析师最高12万美元 居华尔街之首
Two investment banks raise annual salaries of junior bankers up to $120000 for analysts in the first year, ranking first on Wall Street

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Evercore Inc.将其第一年投资银行分析师的薪酬提高到12万美元,在华尔街留才大战中,该银行给出的待遇名列前茅。

Evercore Inc. Raised the compensation of its first-year investment bank analysts to $120000, making it one of the best offers on Wall Street in the battle to retain talent.


In addition to a pay rise for bankers in the first year, investment banking analysts will be paid $130000 in the second year and $140000 in the third year, according to people familiar with the matter. The source spoke on condition of anonymity because of the discussion of non-public information.

由Ken Moelis创立的投资银行 Moelis & Co. 也在提高其初级银行家的薪酬。知情人士说,第一年分析师的待遇将为11万美元,第二年分析师为12.5万美元。两家投资银行都为企业和私人客户提供并购、重组和企业融资等事宜的咨询服务。

Moelis & Co., an investment bank founded by Ken Moelis, is also raising the pay of its junior bankers. Analysts will be paid $110000 in the first year and $125000 in the second year, according to people familiar with the matter. Both investment banks provide advisory services to corporate and private clients on mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and corporate financing.

Evercore加薪后,其薪酬已高于华尔街迄今为止的薪资水平。高盛和Jefferies Financial Group Inc.已将相关员工的薪酬提高至11万美元,其他主要银行的薪酬约为 10万美元。

After the Evercore pay rise, its salary has been higher than Wall Street's salary to date. Goldman Sachs GroupAnd Jefferies Financial Group Inc. Have increased the salaries of their employees to $110000, while those at other major banks are about $100000.

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